"This man who is always in front of me, with dimensions, with the senses and sensitivity, sitting at the table and his eyes fall on the objects that surrounded him, furniture, carpets, curtains, tables and The photographs ... brightens all a lamp or the sun enters the room separating the shadow of light ... The walls of a room surrounding us and our world. Our man gets up, walks, leaves room, go elsewhere, anywhere ... opens the door to go outside. How this out is made of? hateful or hosting? safe or dangerous? Man is on city streets and through a series of successive moves out of the city, in countryside ... Neither one second architecture is not abandoned him ... " Le Corbusier, discussion with students.

Life itself creates architecture. Specific conditions of life and quality characteristics of time and people define how we act around us. Our acts birth relationships, memories and correlations, whether we are talking about the private space of a house, or any public space. With Architects design, technical solutions of Engineers, quality materials and always with respect for human and environment, we manage to create unique images of life. The ARCT idea proposed an overall approach to project development, from design sketches to implementation.


Every design must be a part of an overall property plan based on architecture design in the era of cultural and site characteristics, finance factor and sunstainable real estate development, in a social and enviromental level - three factors that ultimately determine the value of a building and give its identity. The vision for each property is to be properly updated and furthermore to upgrade its urban environment in which it belongs.

The ARCT s lab, conceived on 2009 by architect Maria Kafantari. We mainly deal with private projects, starting by sketching an idea untill the implementation. We design housing projects, commercial and retail spaces with emphasis on brand name, cultural and leisure uses. We explore and redraw public spaces and landscapes, and propose housing reuse of the downtown buildings in Athens city, seeking always the challenge of the next project.

Spiros Vayas_Civil Engineer
Valia Spiliopoulou_Architect
Michel Prekas_Topographer
Sotiris Mavraganis_Μechanical Engineer
Kostas Xousos_Civil Engineer